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WYHK 2013 Annual Concert Alumni Choir

edited by Siu Chun Wing
The Wah Yan College Hong Kong Alumni Choir was officially formed in February 2012 under the Past Students Association's Timeless Bonding Scheme umbrella. The purpose of the choir is to gather Wahyanites of all ages who enjoy singing as well as meeting fellow alumni who share this same interest. We would also like to show our students that being a Wahaynite does not end after they leave Wah Yan.

Since inception, we have performed at various Wah Yan concerts. And tonight, we will be performing 2 classics '乘風破浪' & ‘Danny Boy' for your enjoyment. We will also be joining the Symphony Orchestra & Junior Choir in the Finale 'Non Nobis Domine'.
Date of Annual Concert
16th May, 2013
bilingual - English, 廣東話
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