Privacy Policy Statement

Last Date of Revision: 2011/06/22 00:00 UTC+8

Data we collect

Access Information We may collect information about your computer, mobile or any access device accessing, including IP address, browser engine and version.

Navigation Statistics We may collect information about your activities on our website, for example the length of your visit and the pages you visit.

Data you provide to us

Your personal details When you register at our site, you are required to provide your name, email, country and relation to Wah Yan.

Content We store the content you post on our site, for example comments, discussions, votes, and other feedback through our systems.

Facebook If you login to our site via Facebook, we will store your name, email, country, relation to Wah Yan and your Facebook profile ID.


We use "cookies" (small pieces of data stored on your computer, mobile or access device) for layout customization, analytics and for protecting you and

Session Cookie When you visit our site, a session cookie "phpsessid" will be set. The session cookie is a random string that identifies and associates the current visitor or user with his/her customizations. We use the session cookie to load your personalization details from the database, including page layout and timezone. The session cookie is also used for identifying logged in users to allow access to member-only areas on our site. The session cookie also facilitates authentication and authorization and plays a major part in preventing other sites from posting content on behalf of you without explicit consent. You may adjust your browser settings to not accept the session cookie, however you may be unable to login and most content submission will be denied.

Browser Support Cookie If your browser supports the apng image format, a cookie named "apng" will be stored on your device to help us identify the optimum format of serving images and animations in our indexes. You may adjust your browser settings to not accept this cookie, then all animations will be delivered in gif format.

Analytical Cookies The cookie "visitor" is used to identify "unique users" to facilitate our user count on our website. This cookie is not personally identificable and causes no implications to the user if you deny it.

Analytical Cookies (3rd party) The cookies "_utma", "_utmb", "_utmc" and "_utmz" are set by Google Analytics to help analyze the user's actions on our site. The information collected via these analytics are not personally identificable. You may adjust your browser settings to not accept this cookie, however we will be unable to improve our website for the best browsing experience for different platforms.

Protection of Information

Facebook Login When logging in via Facebook, you authenticate directly with Facebook's servers and we will get an authorization token if you approve of our site. We do not receive nor are we able to retrieve your password.

Account Misuse If we detect suspicious activity or you report suspicious activity in your account, we will suspend it immediately.

Passwords All passwords stored on our system are irreverisibly encrypted. You should change your password frequently via our login system and should not share the same password as other accounts.

Data Encryption Please note due to protocol issues, all data, including passwords are sent in the clear. You are advised not to use under unsafe networks or safe sensitive information on our systems.

Data Removal We will remove your data upon request. However, due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee a third party has already copied and saved the information before removal. We are not responsible for any third party who circumvents any security and/or privacy measures on